Trial Lawyers Representing Consumers

The Workers' Compensation Law of the State of Missouri was enacted in 1926 with the intention of making the remedies so simple, that an injured employee would not be obliged to have any particular knowledge of its provisions or to retain an attorney in order to safeguard his rights. However, in practice, unless an employee is familiar with the provisions of the Act, the employee seldom receives the benefits which are due him. If a case is the least bit complicated or unusual, it is virtually indispensable for an employee to have a lawyer to represent him. Many of the intended benefits of the Act have vanished in a maze of legal opinions. 

Since 1983, the lawyers of Boyd and Kenter, P.C. have exclusively represented the interests and welfare of injured employees and their families. Our roots and traditions remain the same today. We represent people injured at work or injured by the fault of individuals and companies. Our clients come to us upon referral from other attorneys, satisfied former clients, and labor unions and trade associations.



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